Thursday, September 11, 2008

Barr Sucks

I said something nice about Bob Barr the other day. I apologize.

Barr's political grandstanding and no-show of the Ron Paul press conference today confirms all of my worst fears about the man. Prior to this I figured a vote for Barr was at worst an anti-GOP protest vote. Now it just seems like a vote for GOP-lite.

Folks who are planning to vote for Barr because they think he is the third party candidate most likely to draw significant support, should seriously reevaluate the liklihood of that in light of todays actions. Barr's repudiation of the Paul movement for reasons that are suspect at best, may very well tank his chances at playing spoiler in states like Nevada, Montana, and Colorado.

A month ago I thought Barr might be able to pull 5% nationally. Then he started failing to get on ballots all over the country. Shortly thereafter one of this top money men and most prominent supporters, Richard Viguerie came out as a hardcore supporter of Sarah Palin. Now he's decided to snub the movement that is responsible for nearly all of his base support. At this point I think Barr would be lucky to get 5% in any state, and may not even set a Libertarian Party record in total votes (which would make the soul selling the LP engaged in to get Barr atop the ticket even more disgusting).

Barr may say he didn't want to appear on stage with folks like McKinney and Nader, but I don't buy it. Barr was upset that Ron Paul refused to endorse him or run as his VP, so he decided to take his ball and go home. I have said before that Barr is a terrible vehicle for "the Revolution" and if this isn't evidence of that I don't know what it is.

Of course it is true that all of this nonsense could have been avoided if Dr. Paul had run on a third party ticket. He should have and his announcement today makes his stated reasons for not doing so seem ridiculous. Nonetheless Barr's antics make him totally unacceptable, for both principled and pragmatic reasons.


Daniel Bein said...

Paul/Baldwin ticket for Constitution party, please.

It's nice to fantasize....

Dylan Waco said...

In Montana and Louisiana Paul is on the ballot. It will be interesting to see how many votes he gets.

DanielC in SC said...

I was leaning Barr over Baldwin too.

But Barr's actions yesterday on top of the LP convention actions I watched on C-Span months ago confirm my vote for Baldwin.

Thank God we can actually have a choice here in SC.

Conley ~ Senate
Baldwin ~ Whitehouse

It's a start in SC to take back our country.

GCU Prosthetic Conscience said...

The LP really shot themselves in the foot by picking Barr/Root. The left-libertarian movement has been burgeoning in the last few years, and has only accelerated since 2006 as the failure of the Pelosi Congress to make any policy changes vs. the previous Republican Congress has caused liberals to "get it" that you cannot use the government to keep the government accountable. The LP had the chance to capitalize on this, with two candidates willing to engage with the left: Phillies (not a leftist, but willing to deal with what we have in common with him) and Gravel (former Democrat). Instead, they chose two former Republicans, emphasising the libertarian-conservative fusion which is dead, dead, dead. Not going anywhere. All the money that funded movement conservatism is behind the neocons, and all the energy that built it is behind the theocons. Beyond that, they alienated all the (remaining) idealists in their party by picking a couple of political opportunists. As far as I can tell, all that leaves are a handful of pot-smoking Republicans.