Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lesser of two evils? No thanks.

By Daniel Bein

I recently saw a comment online that traditional conservatism, as the negation of ideology, has always been open to compromise. The person who made this comment was suggesting that John McCain would be a good choice for conservatives in November and went on to suggest that since McCain would appoint better judges and is better on the right to life issue, he is a better choice than Obama, and that as the lesser of two evils, he is worthy of a conservative vote. I couldn't disagree more.

The minute we allow this corrupt system to convince us that the only choice we have is between two evils, we have lost all of our power. Conservatives and liberals alike are giving up everything they hold dear when they give in to this temptation. They are tempted because they don't want to see the other side win. Fear of what would essentially a third term for George W. Bush (which is exactly what John McCain represents) should not cause a single antiwar liberal to vote for Barack Obama when he is clearly not against war, and fear of the "radical" Barack Obama should not cause principled conservatives to vote for one of the worst neoconservative warmongers imaginable.

The only true option that anyone with principles has is to support third parties passionately and publicly. If we refuse to do this because we feel that third parties are not a viable option, then they never will be. We must support them so that they can become viable options, otherwise we will have to choose between the "lesser of two evils" every time, and we will be stuck with one of those evils every time. In this scenario whoever wins, we lose.

Decisions motivated by fear are seldom sound and are usually regretted. I wash my hands of both major parties and will continue to do so until one of them is actually pushed far enough to become significantly different from the other. This will only happen if they feel threatened, and as long as third parties have no power, there is no threat. As long as we refuse to support third parties, they will not have the power to threaten a system that leaves us with what we admit to be a choice between two evils, which is no choice at all.

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