Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Review Up

My review of Thomas Frank's newest book, "The Wrecking Crew", is up on the Charleston City Paper website. Link.


GCU Prosthetic Conscience said...

Disappointing. I had this recommended to me recently by a progressive friend. It's sad, given that there are very good books out right now like "Free Lunch" and "The Conservative Nanny State" that explain why the actually-existing-capitalism that's defended by movement conservatives is not a free market. As long as people do not recognize corporate capitalism as a product of the state, they will either misguidedly defend it (thinking they are defending the free market), or misguidedly defend the state or attack free markets (thinking they are attacking corporate capitalism).

TGGP said...

Frank is most famous for his book on Kansas, whose basic thesis both the left and right parrot despite being completely wrong.