Friday, October 3, 2008

The "Bailout" has passed

It is a official. A bill with no constituency, and fierce opponents in virtually every active political camp in the country, has passed the Congress.

The fattened up, pork project now known as the "bailout" is the least popular bill I can remember passing in my life time. Working in both retail and restaurants, I get a chance to talk to those "men on the street" we always hear the corporate media yammering about: this bill is loathed across the board.

Liberals and lefties don't like the fact that is is a corporate welfare bill, passed by a Congress filled with folks who tightened up bankruptcy law for the "regular folks", just a few short years ago.

Conservatives and libertarians don't like it because it is another big government program, that depending on who you ask either unnecessarily intervenes in natural market occurrences, or incentivizes bad behavior..or both.

Though I was excited when the House shot the first attempt down a few days ago, I knew this would happen. The Senate is to the House as the Presidency is to the Senate, or to be more clear, it knows who the boss is and will always respond accordingly.

Bigness has done this to us. Collapse is now inevitable.

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PalmettoPatriot said...

'Bigness has done this to us.'

I couldn't agree more. Chesterton said that the only real patriotism is local patriotism. On a local scale people don't steal nearly as much from their neighers, don't pack up their guns and rush off to invade foreign lands and don't try to manipulate the lives of people hundreds or thousands of miles away. But when you group together 300 million people under the rule of one city (Washington, DC) you're bound to get interventionism galore!

Good article. I linked it on SLMN