Friday, October 31, 2008

Fleming on McCain

"a sick and evil man, whose only virtue is the fact that he served his country in a stupid pointless war."

Thomas Fleming on John McCain via the Chronicles website.

Fleming suggests that Obama and his supporters are intolerable and worse than McCain as well. I'm inclined to agree that Obama's supporters are intolerable, but the evidence that Obama will be worse than McCain is speculative at best. Still that quote is as strong an anti-McCain sentiment as I can remember seeing.


Daniel Bein said...

fix the chronicles link.

Daniel Bein said...

I like this article, except for the typically hysterical "Obama is the bogey man" stuff. I'm tired of hearing about how devastating his presidency will be compared to McCain's. Yes, he's bad for American, but not worse than McCain. I've also met some very good people who support Obama. They are misguided, in my opinion, but not members of any kind of cult (at least not most of them). They are just unhappy with the neocon war machine and don't know any better.