Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bill Kauffman endorses Nader

Chalk another paleoish, decentralist, vote up for Nader.

1. Who are you voting for in November and why? Ralph Nader, because I never got the chance to vote for Gene Debs or Norman Thomas.

Before any opponents of the "red menace" pop up to condemn that sort of language, remember that the father of American Conservatism, Russell Kirk, voted for Socialist Norman Thomas and it was our greatest (and last conservative) President, Warren Harding, who pardoned the anti-war thought criminal and bane of the Wilson administration, Eugene Debs.

Also worth noting, in 2004 I didn't vote, but my wife cast her lot with the Socialist Party candidate Walt Brown, possibly the only pro-life, military veteran (of three wars), with years of state legislature experience to run on an anti-NASA plank. Who can find fault with that? Certainly not those "holding their nose" to vote for McWar.

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Daniel Bein said...

He also mentions micturating upon Woodrow Wilson's grave. This is why I love Bill Kaufman.