Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Defense

I'm quickly growing tired of paleocons and phony traditionalists couching their support for Israel's latest military misadventure in the sort of "defense of the West" rhetoric that is the fail safe of all justification-seeking imperialists.

Let's get real people.

Israel owes it's existence to the very worst expression of globalism on the face of the Earth, the United Nations. As is the case with most internationalist assaults on common sense, the UN giving birth to the state of Israel, has harmed exactly those people it was intended to help. In seeking to give the Jews a state of their own so that the unspeakable "it" would "never again" happen, the one-worlders planted an ethnically nationalist state in the middle of the Arab World and filled it with regional minorities. Given these realities about the origins of Israel, it seems far more honest to note that the state of European Jews on the Arabian Peninsula, is in fact a case of Western offense and incursion. You would think those folks most opposed to massive social engineering programs would be critical of such nonsense, but evidently that sort of consistency is too much to ask for these days.

"Defending" an artificial Western entity like the State of Israel should be of little concern to paleocons or traditionalists. It is high time the Israeli's justify their own existence and Americans start acting in our national interests. No more foreign aid, no more weapons, no more military pacts. If Israelis want to be covered by "Western" security pacts, move back to the West, or start lobbying for statehood.

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David Lindsay said...

Israel long ago gave up on being a Jewish State, and became instead an obsessively non-Arab, including non-Sephardic, one. On that basis, she will let in pretty much anyone. And then there are the ultra-Orthodox…

When the secular Ashkenazi elite granted a right of return to the Sephardim, they no more expected anyone to use it than the Attlee Government expected the entire Commonwealth and empire to turn up in London giving been granted the right to do after the War.

And that elite really did believe that Palestine was “the land without a people for the people without a land”; like the American pioneers who somehow could not see the Red Indians, they somehow could not see the Arabs.

Under the Law of Return, as it insists on calling itself, Israel is being stuffed with Russians who will not eat kosher food and who insist on taking their IDF oaths on the New Testament alone, with East Africans who have devised a religion based on the Old Testament brought by Christian missionaries but who make no claim to Jewish descent, even with Peruvian Indians (shades of Mormonism?).

Zionist websites claim that, among others, the Pashtun (yes, the very Taliban) are a lost tribe of Israel. Well, they are certainly not Arabs. So they’ll do. Won’t they?

And now some of the Russian have turned out to be Nazis. Who knew?

Still, help is at hand. The Soviet Union is no more. Apartheid South Africa and Pinochet’s Chile are no more. Blairland is no more. Even Bushland will very soon be no more. There may be no land without a people. But there are certainly people without a land. Those people are called the neocons.

And every one of them is either a secular Ashkenazi Jew or simply not Jewish at all, but simply not Arab at all, either.

For every one of them that Israel takes, we in the UK, the US and other countries currently blighted by them should take a family of Palestinian Christians, to be dispersed around our country as a Levantine leaven, keeping the rest of us constantly aware of the reality, both of the Dar al-Islam, and of the pseudo-West, having lived between the two for decades and for generations.