Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Satan needs a blanket

Has hell frozen over?

I don't know but in post-inaguration coverage today Pat Buchanan referred to the rhetoric of Barrack Obama as more "Old Right" than "neoconservative."

One can only hope Pat. One can only hope.

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Bill Ballantine said...

In his article on this in amconmag.com he says:

"All of us are at fault, Obama was saying, in what became a stern and severe sermon to the nation."

But we are not all at fault. At fault are the gangsters in the boardrooms who have looted the country, dismantled the manufacturing base & shipped it overseas, the criminals of the military-industrial complex ...

Of course even if one believed this it would make sense to modulate the assessment of fault, as it were, if we could reach out to a section of the elite. But there is no like-minded section of the elite.